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Here are some of the most common questions about Ideal Exchange. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask us directly.

What is Ideal Exchange (IDX)?

Ideal Exchange (IDX) operates similarly to traditional exchanges worldwide, offering a unique platform where fans and investors can effortlessly buy, sell, and trade shares in stocks of creative projects, media rights, and intellectual properties. This exchange is open to a diverse range of talents including fashion designers, athletes, content creators, artists, and developers. It allows them to sell portions of their rights while ensuring protection, and enables buyers to invest early in these ideas, potentially benefiting from the growth in value of their shares.

How do shares work on this exchange?

On this exchange, shares are represented by CR8 tokens, which appreciate in value as the associated intellectual property (IP) grows and penetrates new mediums. CR8s facilitate tracking of the ownership and transactions related to the rights, ensuring safety and protection. They allow creators to monitor their IP's progress and manage royalties and ownership, with oversight from the US copyright office and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

What currencies are you allowed to purchase shares with?

Shares, or CR8s, on this platform can be purchased using both traditional and cryptocurrencies, subject to the preferences of the original seller or creator.

Does this have anything to do with NFT or Crypto Exchanges?

This platform utilizes Blockchain technology but is distinct from NFT or crypto exchanges. The use of Blockchain enables handling of high-speed, high-volume transactions and real-time sharing of information with all parties involved, including sellers, buyers, and regulators.

Can I get investors for specific media projects here?

While this exchange primarily deals with Intellectual Properties (IP) and rights, it encourages creators to market their IP or brand in broader terms, rather than focusing on singular media pieces. This approach allows for a more general investment in the rights offered for sale.

What is IP?

Intellectual Property (IP) refers to creations of the mind, such as manuscripts, designs, and inventions, to which one has rights. These can be legally protected through patents, copyrights, trademarks, etc., allowing creators to secure their unique ideas.

Can I transfer established IPs onto IDX?

Established IPs can be transferred onto the IDX exchange, provided there is clear ownership and a verifiable chain of title, enabling the holder to prove their rights.

How legal is this? Is this the same as a copyright?

The platform aims to be a leading exchange for media rights, IPs, and licenses, adhering strictly to the regulations of the SEC, FINRA, CFTC, and partnering with the US copyright office, ensuring protection at every level.

Somebody has stolen my work! How do I dispute IP ownership?

In cases of disputed IP ownership or stolen work, users are encouraged to report the issue via the platform's Discord server, providing links and evidence to support their claim, facilitating a transparent and prompt resolution process.

How are my IP rights protected?

IP rights on IDX are protected through a partnership with the US Copyright Office and the use of CR8 tracking technology, which logs all transactional and rights information on the blockchain, ensuring a clear chain of title and ownership visibility.

How are you preventing hate speech or discriminatory works?

The platform enforces a zero-tolerance policy towards hate speech and discrimination, requiring users to agree to its terms of service which prohibit such behavior. Reports of violations can be submitted through the Discord server for transparent and timely action.

Can I change or modify my idea after I post it?

Projects on the IDX exchange can have their information or assets updated at any time by the creator, with contract terms becoming fixed upon each transaction. All changes are made at the creator's discretion but must comply with regulatory standards.

Can I contact the creator if I have questions about their idea?

Each project includes a comments section for public inquiries and discussions, enabling direct communication between interested parties and the creator.

How will I know when the value of my shares increase?

Creators and sellers on IDX can monitor and respond to offers on their shares through the platform, with an activity panel available to track the current market value and offers.

Do I lose money if the value of my shares decrease?

As with any exchange, share values may fluctuate due to market conditions. Shareholders may face financial losses if they sell shares at a lower value than the purchase price. Financial advisement is recommended for managing investments.

Is there a limit on the number of investors in each IP?

Creators can limit the number of shares or buyers for their IP, with further investment opportunities being subject to the original seller's discretion and regulatory compliance.

What if I invest and the project does not increase in value? Can I get my money back?

Investments in shares carry inherent risks, including potential loss of value. There is no guarantee of a refund for investments that do not appreciate in value. Investors may sell their shares at market value or seek financial advice for best practices.

Do I have to pay a transaction fee when I invest?

A transaction fee of 2% of the total value is applied to each buy, sell, or trade of shares on the IDX exchange, payable by the buyer.

Do ideas have to be entertainment-related?

IDX is open to IPs and rights licensing from various industries beyond entertainment, including coding and sports, embracing a wide range of creative and intellectual contributions.



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