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Who We Are

At IDX, we're pioneering a new frontier in the world of investment and creative rights. Our unique platform offers an innovative opportunity for creators and investors alike to come together in a marketplace dedicated to the profit participation of revenue streams from rights, brands, and intellectual property (IP).

What We Do

Imagine owning a piece of your favorite movie's success, sharing in the revenue from the next big fashion trend, or contributing to the growth of emerging sports brands. That's the reality at IDX. Here's how it works: Showcase: Creators from the entertainment, media, fashion, and sports industries list the rights, brands, or IP they own. Divide: They then divide the profit participation from these assets into shares, making it easy for anyone to invest in their success. Invest: Investors can buy shares, directly contributing to the project's growth and enjoying a portion of the revenue stream as the project flourishes. Our mission is to democratize the way investments are made in the creative sectors, making it possible for anyone, not just industry insiders or wealthy investors, to participate in the financial success of projects they believe in.

Why IDX?

Accessibility: We're opening the doors to investment opportunities that were previously out of reach for the general public. Transparency: Our platform ensures clear, straightforward transactions. You'll know exactly where your money is going and how it's working for you. Community: Join a vibrant community of creators and investors passionate about the next big thing in entertainment, media, fashion, and sports.

Our History

In 2023, a group of visionary entrepreneurs noticed a gap in the market: the vast potential of creative projects was often constrained by limited funding options. They envisioned a platform where creative rights and IP could be transformed into tangible investment opportunities, accessible to all. Thus, IDX was born. Rooted in the belief that creativity should be celebrated and supported, our platform represents a new era of investment. We've since grown to become a leading marketplace for creative investments, where dreams are funded, and investors can truly be part of the success stories they help create. Join us on this journey as we continue to break down barriers, connect passionate investors with innovative creators, and redefine what it means to invest in creativity.

Welcome to IDX. Where Creators. Dream. Always.



Dive into creative IP investing—where art and innovation meet for unique profit opportunities.


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